Trump Ordered to Pay $83.3 Million

Trump Ordered to Pay $83.3 Million in E. Jean Carroll Case

Trump Ordered to Pay $83.3 Million

A jury has said that Donald Trump must pay $83.3 million in damages, a significant setback for the former president who is facing multiple legal issues as he runs for the White House. This marks the second time in a year that a jury has ruled against Trump in a defamation case brought by E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of making defamatory statements and denying rape allegations.

Here are the main points from the trial and verdict:

1.Another Jury Decision:  A nine-person jury awarded Carroll $18.3 million in compensatory damages. The large sum of $65 million in punitive damages was meant to serve as a punishment for Trump’s defamatory behavior, according to Carroll’s lawyers.

2.Receiving the Money:  Carroll faces a lengthy process before seeing the awarded money. In a previous trial, she was granted $5 million in damages, but this verdict is still under appeal. Trump quickly announced his intention to appeal the recent decision. Trump set aside $5.5 million in a court-controlled account last year, but Carroll won’t access the funds until after all appeals, potentially reaching the US Supreme Court, are concluded.

3.Trump’s Walkout:  During the trial, Trump left the courtroom while Carroll’s attorney was making her closing argument. This act of defiance followed admonishments for speaking out of turn and exceeding the permitted testimony time.

4.Proving Harm:  The jury swiftly returned a verdict, finding that Carroll suffered harm from Trump’s defamatory statements. Carroll’s attorney argued that Trump’s statements were filled with malice and hate, while Trump’s attorney claimed Carroll would have faced criticism regardless of his comments. The jury disagreed with Trump’s argument.

5.Judge’s Admonishments:  Judge Kaplan showed little patience for Trump’s attorney during closing arguments, warning of potential consequences, including time in lock-up. The judge’s frustration with Trump’s legal team has been a recurring theme in recent civil trials and may continue if Trump faces criminal cases later this year.

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