Recent Events Recap: Headlines Unveiled

Headlines Unveiled: A Recap of Recent Events

  1. Controversial Beauty Pageant Winner: The controversial beauty pageant winner who stepped down just weeks after winning her title is Miss Michigan, Kathy Zhu, in 2019.
  2. FCC Ban in Robocalls: The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) recently banned the use of artificial voices in robocalls.
  3. Doubled Ocean-related Incidents: The ocean-related incidents that doubled in 2023 were shark attacks.
  4. Ransomware Hackers Record: According to a new report, ransomware hackers set a record by stealing $20 billion in 2023.
  5. New Species of Venomous Snake: Speaking of scientific discoveries, researchers recently found a new species of venomous snake.
  6. Ousted CEO Trying to Buy Back Company: The ousted former CEO and co-founder trying to buy back the company is Adam Neumann of WeWork.
  7. Nation Surpassing China in Imports to US: The nation that surpassed China as the leading importer of goods to the US is Mexico.
  8. Coca-Cola’s New Soda Flavor: Coca-Cola has released a new soda flavor called Starlight.
  9. Honda Vehicle Recall: Honda recalled 750,000 vehicles in the US over concerns of faulty fuel pumps.
  10. Primary Ingredient in Dessert Mochi: The primary ingredient in dessert mochi is glutinous rice.

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